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HIWE SQS is a small company founded in 2008 with an office in Basque Country (Spain), monitoring the projects manufactured in Spain.

The main business for HIWE SQS is the supervision and inspection of the projects manufactured in Spain, Portugal and Croatia, mostly for the leading engineering in Hydroelectric plants. Our goal is the strictly control of the quality and the schedules according the requirements of our customers. HIWE SQS give much importance to a friendly environment and emphasizes in the training of his employers, working with the experienced workers of the company and providing the necessary courses. Each of them are specialized and certified in a specific field to provide all services regarding the quality to our customers.

Since 2008 HIWE SQS is growing and in year 2012 HIWE SQS Spain open new office in Croatia (Čakovec).

In 2014. HIWE SQS creates the sub office “HIWE IT“, with a vision to develop inspection mobile application and getting to know the customer with innovative modern technologies to permit QC inspectors easier and faster inspections in the field and factories. The first step was to create an application called “NDT Studio APP” which was created for the inspectors in the sector Production Control, Production Management and Quality Control.

At begining of 2015. HIWE IT development office start on developing applications to facilitate field work control entitled FSM (Field Service Management). With a long-term development the company has expand developed an application on multiple segments in production with a focus on metal industry production like QMS (Quality Management Software), MWM (Mobile Workforce Management) and MPS (Manufacturing Planning Software).

The vision of HIWE IT is to develop a group of application to simplified production with focus on quality and productivity.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

Our Team

Meet The Team

Matija Zorković

Matija Zorkovic

CTO of Development

Aleš Ružić

Ales Ruzic


Simona Tošić

Simona Tosic


Tomislav Lukman

Tomislav Lukman